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We have a heart for nonprofits. Perhaps that’s because for the last 20 years we have not only served in a professional capacity helping clients pursue their organizational goals, but also in a personal capacity with those we serve. Working as volunteers, serving on boards and committees, financial support and participation in non-profit events are part of our culture and commitment to our clients. It translates to an empathic position and stronger insights that benefit every client relationship.

Beyond that, our fully licensed and credentialed experts help bring 501(c)(3) and other charitable organizations into tangible, financial and missional stewardship as well as compliance. As many of our nonprofits engage the people they serve into a partnership approach, we similarly partner with our non-profits’ entire team. Whether it’s board and committee members creating the investment policy statement for the endowment or 403(b) plan, or individually helping employees understand their financial needs and goals, we are committed to the partnership in every way.

<span data-contrast="auto">Retirement Plan Consulting 403(b), 401(k), 457(b)</span><span data-ccp-props="{&#34;201341983&#34;:0,&#34;335559685&#34;:720,&#34;335559739&#34;:160,&#34;335559740&#34;:259}">&#160;</span>

Retirement Plan Consulting 403(b), 401(k), 457(b) 

From new plan startup to rescuing troubled plans, our reputation as “problem solvers” is well known in the industry. Whether it’s consolidating an old 403(b) plan or navigating late contributions issues, we’ll guide you through it. 403(b) audits are on the rise. We can help you stay in compliance! 

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Endowment & General Investment Fund Management 

Our investment team is well versed on the full spectrum of investment options and will help guide your investment committee from IPS to execution and performance monitoring. 

<span data-contrast="auto">Individual Participant Education</span><span data-ccp-props="{&#34;201341983&#34;:0,&#34;335559685&#34;:720,&#34;335559739&#34;:160,&#34;335559740&#34;:259}">&#160;</span>

Individual Participant Education 

Our dedicated in-house education team holds regular participant education meetings to help drive plan participation. Not just a website or an 800 number for “general questions”, our team builds relationships with employees and are available and equipped to answer a broad range of individual questions about retirement savings. 


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